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  • Negotiation of contracts
    Negotiation of contracts

    Negotiation of contracts

    We negotiate contracts for both junior and professional ice hockey players. Exceptional knowledge of the market, contacts and active experience help us to draw on the maximum conditions to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Player development and draft preparation
    Player development and draft preparation

    Player development and draft preparation

    We work with the best fitness trainers, nutrition experts, physiotherapists and sports psychologists in the country. We can put together individual training plans for players of all ages. Every year we organize a selective training camp for our clients with the participation of NHL players. In cooperation with our partners, we can arrange training camps in the US and Canada.

  • Individual approach
    Individual approach

    Individual approach

    We care very much about our client relationships and getting to know each one of our clients is important to us. Our facilities in several parts of our country and Slovakia allow us better communication and service, as well as better help in player development for younger players. Perfect client knowledge is our priority in order to help raise the profile of players among managers, scouts and other professional organizations.

  • PR & media
    PR & media

    PR & media

    Here at EHS we know that every career on the ice has an end and we strive to maximize our clients’ potential prior to retirement. EHS seeks to improve each player's image through marketing and the media, to broaden our client's opportunities. EHS is in close contact with local, regional, and national groups seeking the promotion of their products, services, and organizations.

    It is important for a professional athlete in this day and age to feel self-confident and comfortable, and to present that image to the public. EHS prepares its clients for the media, and instructs its athletes on how to present themselves to the media and the world.

  • Legal advice
    Legal advice

    Legal advice

    We provide legal protection for our clients and not just in any litigation with professional clubs. But we can also provide legal aid with problems in ordinary life.

  • Finances, taxes, accounting and insurance
    Finances, taxes, accounting and insurance

    Finances, taxes, accounting and insurance

    We care that our clients know about investment options and how to look after their finances. We cooperate with proven realty and financial consultants who work according to our clients’ wishes and steer them in the right direction through the world of investment and financial management. We ensure that our company clients’ financial plan develops.

    We also cooperate with highly qualified tax advisors and accountants who help our clients with tax administration and accounting.

    We know that professional sport, especially ice hockey, exposes players to constant risk of injury every time they go out on the ice rink. Therefore, we help to arrange the best possible life insurance, accident or permanent disability insurance.

  • Visas and air tickets
    Visas and air tickets

    Visas and air tickets

    We provide clients with the necessary cooperation when arranging, handling or securing all visa matters and air tickets, including all organizational issues associated with the place where they perform their sports activities.

  • Rehabilitation


    We can arrange top medical and rehabilitation care for our clients. We cooperate with leading physicians in many regional cities in the Czech Republic.

Who are we?

We are a professional sports agency representing ice hockey players in hockey clubs throughout Europe, North American and the NHL, or Russian KHL. We are the only company specializing in the representation of hockey players in our market managed only by former professional ice hockey players with personal experience of playing in the NHL and the Czech Republic’s national team. Our mission and priority is to provide a committed and professional service to clients in all aspects of their life on and off the ice.

in exclusive cooperation with Octagon Hockey.

Player Development

EHS CCM Ice Farm Academy

EHS and its partners organize hockey camps in the Czech Republic and abroad; EHS representatives actively participate in the training programs.


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