Who are we?

EUROHOCKEY SERVICES, s.r.o., (“EHS”) is a professional sports agency founded in 2003 and operated by former NHL players Michal Sivek and Vladimír Vujtek. EHS is one of the most respected sport agencies in the field of hockey, representing ice hockey players throughout Europe and North America.

EHS is dedicated to providing professional ice hockey players the world class services needed to succeed on and off the ice. The executive management team of EHS has 25+ years’ experience playing professional hockey in the NHL, KHL, AHL, the Extraliga, and other professional organizations.

Michal and Vladimír use their personal experience and contacts to provide their clients with the best trainers, coaches and consultants in the hockey market. EHS cooperates with top professionals off the ice in order to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of its clients. EHS will negotiate the best possible contracts for its clients and provides additional “benefit programs” designed to make ordinary life simpler for players and their families.

EHS represents more than 200 professional ice hockey players and coaches worldwide.

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